Get #BuzzZINOFF with Lutonya Featuring Fitness Guru Iris London

Iris T. London is the founder and CEO of I.T.L Fitness, the place “Where Fun & Fitness Meet”! Men and women of all ages join Iris for group classes and one-on-one sessions held at Bodyworx Fitness Multiplex in Oak Park, Illinois, just minutes from downtown Chicago. Her students turn up for results, but come back for the energy, fun…

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You Don’t Eat No Meat!

Imagine being at a family gathering in the summer and everyone around you is eating tender, bar-b-que sauce dripping, baby back ribs. For me, there are two things that go through my mind; “Thank God I don’t eat that anymore” and, “Man that looks so juicy, but I don’t eat that anymore”. This used to be a serious dilemma…

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