Artistre (Docu-Series)

#InspireOurYouth Cassandra Bell Studios is please to announce (Artistre) in partnership with (Lutonya Lang) and the Fresh Aire Network to produced…Artistre ( Docu-Series).   Date: November 28, 2016 Call Time for Filming is 7PM Arrival No LATER THAN 6:45PM   Are you a Singer,Rapper,Actor,Comedian,Designer,Model,Dancer, Entrepreneur,Poet, Writer,Artist/Painter/Graphics for more information send us and email today

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Get #BuzzZinOFF with Lutonya: Exclusive with the ladies of Lipstick Elixir

Tune In Friday, October 28, 2016 @ 1:00PM Right HERE   A Showcase About The Healing Powers Of Music Chicago, IL- October 20, 2016, Award Winning Writer, Director and Producer, Cassandra Bell is combating toxic relationship through the use of a musical showcase.   This tribute shed light on the many women who are suffering from the after effects of…

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