On BuzzZin OFF with Lutonya TV Show Meet Brand Specialist: Aaja Corinne

Aaja Corinne is the inspirational voice of the Millennial Generation – inspiring hope, activating purpose, creating change, and empowering visionaries for success in the marketplace. Specializing in visual presentation and content strategy, she helps leaders and executives to create game-changing, personal brands by teaching them how to package and platform their God-given purpose. Aaja Corinne, a Chicago-native, is a graduate…

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Get #BuzzZinOFF with Lutonya Special Interview with Tacara Renee’

Oh to be bold, fashionable, diverse, and dynamic! Celebrity stylist, Tacara Renee, is an eclectic fashionista that radiates with a natural passion for fashion and more importantly hair care. The foundation for Renee Ramore Salon originated from a desire to help women feel and look their best. As the owner and visionary of Renee Ramore, Tacara Renee took a…

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Get #BuzzZINOFF with Lutonya Featuring Fitness Guru Iris London

Iris T. London is the founder and CEO of I.T.L Fitness, the place “Where Fun & Fitness Meet”! Men and women of all ages join Iris for group classes and one-on-one sessions held at Bodyworx Fitness Multiplex in Oak Park, Illinois, just minutes from downtown Chicago. Her students turn up for results, but come back for the energy, fun…

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