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Reginald L Cotton was born and raised in the Chicago land area where he witnessed first hand the violence, domestic abuse, drug addiction, homelessness, and other forms of poverty in his life and the surrounding community. This in itself catapulted Mr. Cotton into becoming the man he is today.

Mr. Cotton has a background in finance and event planning prior to entering into law enforcement in 2006. Mr. Cotton has made a great impact in his role as a police officer, receiving multiple accommodations locally and nationally; the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the United States Secret Service to mention a few. Although Mr. Cotton grew up around his own issues, the new role as an off

icer opened up many opportunities to see the numerous problems plaguing our society.

BuzzZinOFF with Lutonya Featuring Reginald L. Cotton

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Mr. Cotton has always been a servant and willing to donate his time and money to help a worthy cause. Mr. Cotton wanted to help out in a bigger way by founding Charity Contributors of Chicago in 2008. Mr. Cotton did not want to stop there. Being bit by the bug of Philanthropy, he continues to find ways to empower and fund commendable charity organizations and programs. Speaking at schools and conferences, encouraging and showing the attendees how much they can help in changing the world by just trying! Mr. Cotton‘s motto is P.A.R.T.Y.!! Plan A Remedy This Year.

Reginald Cotton

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