Gerald Massenberg: 18 yr old holding 3.7 GPA

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My name is Gerald Massenberg. I am 18 years old & recently graduated from Gary Comer College Prep on June 8th, 2017. I am a honor student with a G.P.A of 3.7. I am an intelligent young man with a lot of ambition and goals.

I will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign on August 24, 2017 and am in need of help in order to complete my dreams in such a technology driven field. My major at Urbana Champaign is going to be Computer Science…

If there is anyway you can help or know of any additional resources for me to look into it would be greatly appreciated.

Some Items Needed:
Calculator- TI-84 Plus CE
I’m not sure exactly what laptop I will need but I for sure need something that has good battery life
(A new HP laptop or Mac Book Pro)

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