Cynderfella: The Musical is Coming to Chicago May 5 & May 6, 2017

Cook County Officer partners with indie artists to raise awareness
on teen homelessness
Chicago, IL – February 20th, 2017, Cook County Juvenile Detention Center’s Delinquency
Specialist, Cassandra Bell is partnering with Indie artists around Chicago to raise awareness on
teen homelessness through the Arts. Through, “Save me 2 Live Foundation, NFP,” an arts
program dedicated to youth exposed to violence and community support, Bell and a young group
talented recording artists and actors will raise money to donate for homeless teens. Bell’s current
mission for teen homelessness will be displayed in her latest premiere musical play, Cynderfella
at the Martin Luther King Center, 4622 S. King Drive, May 5th– May 6th, 2017
Cynderfella is a musical adaptation of the classical “Cinderella,” through the eyes of Ryan
Cynderfella. Ryan is a 17-year-old senior at Brook High School, who struggles with life after the
untimely death of his mother. Ryan faces the many emotions of grief, abandonment, and fear a
child faces when losing a parent. Ryan’s recent tragedy also exposes the issues facing Chicago
teens, homelessness. Cynderfella also deals with the political and social injustices youth America
face, with the solution of community involvement and an educational foundation to fill in the
breach. Proceeds from the event will be donated to foundations for teen homelessness.
Bell’s commitment to the youth through the Arts and as an officer for the past eights years has
given kids and teens a safe and creative way to escape their environments. With the support of
the community, Bell’s mission to use musical theater to combat grief, anger, and anxiety in our
youth proves to be an effective tool against violence.
“A child should have safety, shelter, and love, no excuses and no exceptions.”
For more information about Cassandra Bell Studios contact Lynn Bell at 404-942-8000 or email
All attendees can purchase tickets through Eventbrite


Cynderfella the Stage Play from Film Barrel Studios on Vimeo.


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