Get #BuzzZinOFF with Lutonya Special Interview with Tacara Renee’

Oh to be bold, fashionable, diverse, and dynamic! Celebrity stylist, Tacara Renee, is an eclectic fashionista that radiates with a natural passion for fashion and more importantly hair care. The foundation for Renee Ramore Salon originated from a desire to help women feel and look their best. As the owner and visionary of Renee Ramore, Tacara Renee took a step out on faith and followed her hair care passion.

Tacara comes from a family of hair stylists and grew up in the midst of hair culture and fashion; however, she had no desire to commit to a career concerning hair care. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication from Texas Southern University, she obtained a customer service oriented position with Comcast, Inc. She enjoyed working in customer service and was committed to helping people on a daily basis through her corporate tasks. It was during this time however that Tacara realized her gift could not be minimized, and she had to step into, expand, and develop her God given talent.

Tacara’s steps were ordered and her cosmetology journey transformed upon her graduation from Capri Beauty School in 2008. Tacara continued to work fervently, building her clientele and working under a master stylist, until opening her own hair studio in Sola Salon. After developing experience in her Sola location for six years, she sought higher achievement goals and ventured down the path of unveiling her own hair salon.

Tacara’s remarkable hair extension applicability and custom cut and color techniques have set her apart from other hair stylists in the Chicagoland area. Tacara’s obligation to her clients includes prioritizing the health and integrity of all unique tresses. Continuous learning is also a fundamental principle that has developed her cosmetology expertise. She has worked with commercial brands and celebrity stylists (including Kim Kimble and Kiyah Wright) to cultivate her gift. Although Tacara has worked amongst the greats to brand her name and diversify her clientele, she stays true to her passion for helping women to feel awesome, beautiful, and worthy on a daily basis. Every woman is a celebrity and deserves to be treated with royal regard. To know Tacara is a blessing and to have one’s hair done under her expertise is an unforgettable phenomenon that is certain to exceed all expectations!


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