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A Showcase About The Healing Powers Of Music

Chicago, IL- October 20, 2016, Award Winning Writer, Director and Producer, Cassandra Bell is combating toxic relationship through the use of a musical showcase.   This tribute shed light on the many women who are suffering from the after effects of toxic relationships. Relationships that expose women to emotional, psychological and sometimes physical abuse.

The string of celebrities that have admitted to domestic and emotional abuse in recent years is a clear indication that anyone can be in a toxic relationship. In fact researchers believe 3 in 5 women will experience this forms of abuse some time in their life. Lipstick Elixir will premiere at Flavor Restaurant, 17525 Kedzie Ave on Sunday November 6, 2016.

Lipstick Elixir incorporates music, comedy and dance to divulge social issues women face in America. The song selections resonate songs recorded by legendary Divas that empower and uplift women self- esteem.  This ensemble features some of Chicago’s most talented female up and coming singers, dancers and comedians to address the trail- and-error problems in unhealthy relationships.

Bell’s inspiration to create this showcase stems straight from the abundance of failed relationships and its culture of misinformed self- help literature that misrepresents the culture of women.  The goal is to create an environment of mutual emotional support. With the support of the community Bell’s mission to use an intimate musical platform to combat low self-esteem, fear, anxiety and educate women on understanding the red flags of a toxic relationship.

“No one should take away your self-esteem, that’s why it’s named, Self Esteem.”


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