#BuzzZinOFF with Lutonya Exclusive with EJ Jackson

A rising star from Gary, In., who often fuses the topics of love and spirituality, vocalist/producer, Ej Jackson (real name Eric Jackson Jr.) discovered his love for music and has been singing ever since the age of three. While vacationing in St. Petersburg, Florida, Jackson was kidnapped at the age of five. It was only by the prayers of his family and the Grace of God that he was found unharmed and alive.

Quickly after the incident his parents began to protect him physically but most importantly they began to protect his gift. He grew up in his great-uncle’s church leading songs during praise and worship and was strongly involved in the youth ministry. During this time he discovered his love for playing instruments. Shortly after, he began spending time teaching himself how to play the drums, piano, and organ without realization that he was preparing for where he is presently. By 2010, he was chosen to be the Minister of Music, making him the youngest minister of music in the church’s history. He successfully merged contemporary themes with a traditional Gospel vibe – but this was not all he could do. 5 years later he continues to prove that no one can put him in a box with the release of his 3-song Sampler EP Morning Light. His parents, who believed in him ever since he was a toddler, funded his first release, Closer which came out May of 2013.

This project which he produced himself allowed him to immediately build up a loyal following around the Midwest region. It was then that this rising star would begin to become the talk of the town He began delivering uplifting, soulful, and inspiring performances on stages such as the Chicago Gospel Music Festival, the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Intl. Conference, and more. His talents have assisted artist such as Tasha Cobbs, Bishop Paul Morton, Todd Dulaney, and more! He goes on, “I know my generation has a bad reputation right now, and with everything that’s going on in our local communities there’s a lot of things to assume, but know that all hope is not lost. Keep your eye on me – I’m not going anywhere.” Ej is currently prepping for the release of his highly anticipated album entitled “Just Ej” which we can expect to hear more about as 2016 approaches. To entice us, his new EP, “Morning Light”, is now available for free download exclusively on Soundcloud! He successfully blends the modern genres of pop, R&B, hip-hop, soul, and gospel under his smooth singing, rapping, positive content, and messages of faith. Don’t miss “Playing Games” and the Earth Wind & Fire inspired backgrounds on “#JustEj”.


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