5 Tips to Keep Your Business Afloat during the Perfect Storm

Many business owners at one point or another will find themselves in a storm of unfortunate circumstances. These 5 tips will help keep your business afloat during the storm. 1. When the economy goes low, you go high! Yep, stole that from Mrs. Obama and it applies here as well. How? Well, let me explain. When the economy is…

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No Regrets The Movie

This film is a romantic comedy about a stewardess (Calhoun), who after 12 years of dating (Joseph) as college sweethearts (along with several marriage proposals in between), meets a business man going through a divorce (White) on one of her job layovers. As expected, sparks fire and unexpectedly a traumatic past is revealed, and the couples lives are changed…

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Gospel Saxophonist Todd Ledbetter Nets First Stellar Award Nomination

(Washington, D.C.) – A great year so far for Gospel Saxophonist Todd Ledbetter.  Known as the “Jazz Psalmist,” the gifted instrumentalist received his first award a few months ago when he walked away with a Gospel Blue M.I.C. Achievement Award for Instrumental Artist of the Year at the Independent Gospel Artists Alliance held in Chesapeake, VA, last summer.  Now…

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